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13th June 2016

PantherCorp have always been comfortable in providing credit to our long standing clients, particularly when they experience late payment from their clients for our services. Unfortunately due to tightening economic conditions, and the necessity for us to pay ASIC disbursements up front, it is becoming increasingly difficult and unsustainable for us to extend our credit terms beyond 14 days.

 Accordingly we therefore advise that from June 20th our credit terms will be STRICTLY 14 days.
We also remind you that in the event of non payment by your client, PantherCorp have no claim against them for recovery of costs. We can only claim against the instructing party – your firm. Clearly this would be a last resort but in some cases is unfortunately necessary.
Invoices are provided in the Company binder and with the Trust Deeds (behind your letter or emailed). Our preferred methods of payment are:
Credit card - Available on our website under “Payments” or over the phone to any of our staff on 9388 0551.
Bank Transfer (please email remittance to order@panthercorp.com.au)
BSB: 124-001
Account No: 0104 8552
Reference: Invoice number that you are paying or your Firm Name.
Bank of Queensland
PantherCorp CST Pty Ltd
Thank you for your understanding. If you wish to discuss anything in regards to your account (copies of invoices required etc) please do not hesitate to contact our office on 9388 0551 or email order@panthercorp.com.au
Mandy Malyniak – Director
Panthercorp CST Pty Ltd

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