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Searches may be required to establish basic facts and information about companies, business names, persons or documents that are lodged with the ASIC.

PantherCorp obtain the required search from the ASIC's registers and forward the search, usually via email, to you once received.

 ASIC searches

Current Company Extract 29.70

Historical Company Extract 38.50

Personal Name Search 59.40

Charges extract 38.50

Document Image Search (1-10 Pages) 44.00

Document Image Search (11-20 Pages) $55.00

Business Name - extract

Australian Capital Territory 36.60

New South Wales 33.00

Northern Territory 30.80

South Australia 41.80

Tasmania 30.80

Queensland 33.00

Victoria 33.00

Western Australia 25.30


Land Titles Office – title search

Australian Capital Territory 44.00

New South Wales 25.30

Northern Territory 35.20

South Australia 35.20

Tasmania 44.00

Queensland 29.70

Victoria 29.70

Western Australia 33.30

Other searches are available.

Please email our office order@panthercorp.com.au to obtain your search or call the office on (08) 9388 0551 if you have queries.

Prices include GST, are effective July 1st 2014 and are subject to change without notice. 

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